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Being in the middle of the 3 Valleys, there are several possibilities of mountain hikes and climbing  and trips in various Ticino resorts as well. In fact in less than 1 hour you can reach Lugano, Locarno or the near italian peninsula.

In Biasca you can visit the church in romanesque style and  admire the beautiful waterfall “Santa Petronilla”.

If you wish to practice a little bit of sport, you can choose between different activities as for example:
ice skating: you can practice it at the ice-rink in Biasca or Bellinzona
swimming: you just have to reach Bellinzona where you can find an indoor swimming-pool (for winter) and four outdoor swimming-pools (for summer) – one for the children.

skiing: you can practice it in different resorts, not far away from Biasca like for example, Airolo, Carì, Campra (the center for nordic skiing most equipped of the swiss Alps), Campo Blenio, Nara; in this one is the unique track sleigh in Ticino.
body-building: to practice at your choice in one of the two fitness centers in the zone, 5-10 minutes by foot.
bicycle: there are several itineraries but the most known is certainly the one which goes from Airolo to Biasca.
mountain-bike: from Ambrì-Piotta down until Biasca.

More over for the walking lovers ther are infinities possibilities:
“Strada Alta” of the Leventina Valley
Greis glacier
Bellinzona’s castles
the track of chapels in Biasca
the Mount Mornera few minutes from Bellinzona
the trolley bus “Dagro”
Piora Valley
Cantiere alptransit

If instead you prefer to enrich you personal culture, there are endless possibilities to spend the day in visiting the regional museums (Museum of arms, etnografic Museum in Olivone, the very old fort of Airolo).

The adventure park on the Mount Tamaro

If you have children, you can visit the chocolate Museum in Caslano of the Alprose firm or the Swiss Miniatur in Melide or the zoo in Magliaso.

More info visit http://www.biascaturismo.ch